Monday, December 23, 2013

Mail Tag #1

I am new to penpalling and wanted to put in good effort in the correspondence that I send. I have seen different variations on Mail Tag.  I decided that I wanted to create my own series of Mail Tags that I will send to each of my penpals.  

I generally prefer simple and bold designs.  For the sake of efficiency, I did not want to create a new Mail Tag design every time I sent a letter out.  I am also curious to see how my penpals respond to the same questions.  

I do not plan to post all incoming and outgoing mail here on my blog.  Those photos can be found on my Instagram @linhcreates.  I hope my Mail Tags give you ideas  for your penpal correspondence! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Penpal Information Journaling Cards

I created an Instagram account dedicated just to crafty things @linhcreates.  I befriended some awesome ladies through my account.  I became inspired by their creations and started picking up some penpals.  

One of my penpals was creating an album for her many penpals. I have the need to organize things and decided that I also needed to create an album to contain information on my lovely penpals. I wanted to start some sort of system before things got out of hand.  

I chose a Basic Grey 6"x9" album with pocket inserts that can accommodate typical 3"x"4 and 4"x6" journaling cards. I designed these cards for my penpals to provide basic information.