Monday, April 25, 2011

Ribbon Storage

An idea that turned out to be a success! Yay!  

I can't take up the entire spare room for my crafting paradise.  So I have to be imaginative with my storage. 

I cut 1/4" dowels and spray painted them white.  I bought decorative chain by the foot from the hardware store.  I used shower curtain hangers (from a failed project) to hang the chain from the closet shelf.  

I bought more chain than I needed, however I was able to make use of it.  I had to free up some space and went vertical with my storage.  I used the same shower curtain hangers to hang the orange buckets. 

I also made use of the closet rod by using skirt hangers to hang my cutting mats.


  1. Very creative and functional. I recently made a ribbon holder out of a wooden crate and dowels, so far so good. I posted it on my blog as well. If you wish, I'd appreciate your feedback. The title is ribbons, ribbons, ribbons

  2. Love this! What an excellent way to handle cutting mats. I always lean mine against the wall and of course it ruins them.

  3. What a good idea. I have used an old net curtain line to hand my ribbons on and have them in boxes too on a shelf. Will maybe post sometime. TFS.

  4. 1 question please.. How do you keep your ribbon on their rolls? I tried tape but that only works for some and I hate using pins.. Any suggestions?
    Thank you so much and awesome site!!! I'll come back here to ck for any help you can give
    God Bless