Sunday, December 23, 2012

Updated Ribbon Storage

I used to live in a small 2 bedroom apartment.  The spare room was shared with my husband as the office/guest room/hobby room. In the past year, we moved into a small house with 3 bedrooms.  Now I’m lucky enough to have my very own office/craft room!  
In the apartment, I didn’t have much space to store my materials.  I had half of a closet and a few shelves.  I created a compact and flexible way to organize all of my ribbon.  

Since I have my very own room to craft in, my inventory of supplies and materials have increased.  I took the same concept that I started with and expanded it to my growing collection of ribbon.  
In the initial concept, I had standard 1/4″ dowels cut in half and spray painted white. In the new design, I started with whole 1/4″ dowels. But as I kept adding rolls of ribbon, the center started to sag.  So I upgraded to 1/2″ dowels.  Some spools weren’t large enough to fit, so I cut slits into the center hole.  This also kept the spool from unwinding so quickly. 

  • 4   1/2″ wooden dowels
  • 2  yards chain
  • 2  ceiling hooks

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